Treasures in Jars of Clay's Mission

Treasures in Jars of Clay’s mission is to bring glory to God as we seek to 1.Promote a biblical view of disability and suffering at both Kasana Children’s Centre and in the surrounding communities 2.Care for individuals with physical and /or learning difficulties, equipping them with life skills and enabling them to reach their God given potential. 3.Provide education and support for families affected by disability in the local community

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The Treasures in Jars of Clay (TIJOC) which is inspired by the scripture in 2 Corinthians Verse 7, began in 2010. It was birthed through the commitment of Kate Tolhurst to care for a young boy called Hassan (who has cerebral palsy) here at New Hope Uganda. TIJOC has grown exponentially since the days of Hassan and we now have three boys and four girls staying in our residential homes. There are twelve children in our special needs class, which is made up of our residential children and community children, of which the diversity of the special needs in our class is incredibly broad! Two of our children are involved in the mainstream primary school here at New Hope Uganda and they are making great progress. The TIJOC outreach programme is always growing and now, with all the children and families we are currently partnering with, we have almost two hundred on our books! Every month the TIJOC team hosts an outreach event for the parents and children with special needs from the surrounding communities. One of the aims of the outreach event, is to speak the truth of Gods love for these special children and the blessing that they are to our communities - We provide biblical teaching, educational support, medical care, physiotherapy, nutritional advice, support network among parents, pastoral care and of course a good meal together!

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