One of the major problems often seen in the community, are vulnerable mothers and sometimes fathers struggling to care for their child and themselves. ‘Omutaasa’ (which means the rescuer) is a projects designed to support the continued needs for vulnerable parents and their children. We pray that all that is done through this project will bring glory to HIM, the one who ultimately rescued us through HIS son Jesus!

If you would like to support the Omutaasa project please follow the link

The goals of the Omutaasa project are:

To point the vulnerable family to Jesus

To provide a safe place for the family to flourish

To support and encourage the parent in their role as a mother or father

To give opportunity to access meaningful employment

To approach every situation afresh, led by the Holy Spirit

Let us share a story Life for Anna and her twins was very bad! They lived their lives in abject poverty, with minimal support. The children’s father had abandoned them, and they were struggling every day. Local ‘social services’ advised Hope Family to take the children into the baby home, whilst they cared for the mother. Mindful that separating the children from their mother was very distressing for all concerned, it was decided that New Hope carry out their own assessment. Stu Dendy of Hope Family remembers saying to Anna, “what are your hopes for the future?” Her heavy-hearted response said so much. “If I keep the children, I have no hope and if you take the children, I have no hope”. Her words left them feeling devastated. However it was obvious that these children were attached to their mother. So working together with the local church, two mature mothers within the community, and Hope Family a home was provided for Anna and her twins in Hope Family building. Two small part time jobs were sourced, which gave her a sense of self worth and the knowledge that she was supporting her family. Anna and her twins have grown closer as a family and Anna is much more the mother she would desire to be as the nurturer and provider for her children.