New Hope Uganda started with the establishment of the Kasana Children’s Centre in the heart of Uganda’s “Luweero Triangle” in 1986. Originally, its purpose was to care for the huge number of children orphaned during and after the war between Museveni (the current Ugandan President) and the late President Milton Obote. Luweero had been the hot spot of the war, and was known as the 'killing fields', where hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children had lost their lives on and around New Hope Uganda's property.

The work was started by Jay & Vicki Dangers and they were soon joined by Jonnes Bakimi and, as Director and Ministry Co-Ordinator, they still lead New Hope Uganda today.

New Hope Uganda brings the Fatherhood of God to hundreds of orphaned, fatherless, and abandoned children and reaches out to surrounding communities through its four ministries: Kasana Children’s Centre, Kobwin Children’s Centre, Musana Camps, and 107.8 Musana FM radio.

Family Groups

New Hope Uganda believes that family should be at the core of caring for the child. It is based on the scripture Psalm 68 v 6 where God ‘sets the lonely into Families’ in this case children. Wherever possible children remain in their own biological families, but if this is not possible then the aim is to place children within one of the family groups. Each family has a Ugandan staff father and mother whose goal is to recreate family in the lives of their children, providing love and care for each and every child no matter what their background is, making sure that each child understands their value in God. They work just as any other healthy Ugandan family would, having their own house and growing their own food in the same way that local families do.


Hundreds of students are enrolled in the Primary and Secondary schools at New Hope’s Kasana’s site, with some students living in the family groups and others walking in from the local community. Ugandan’s think of education very highly, as they see this as a way of personally progressing. At New Hope Education is not just passing on academic knowledge and skills but a means of imparting a biblical belief structure. New Hope believes in investing in the children’s futures on many levels, Education is just one aspect. Children have the possibility to go on to further Education or training through our sponsorship program and scholarship fund. Some students are able to go to Universities across Uganda. IY New Hope has an innovative and unique Investment Year programme developed initially by the late Steve Brown from Derby. This programme is for the Senior 4 students who have completed their ‘O’ level exams. It is an intensive one year programme which gives them various ‘work experiences’ allowing them to have training ‘on the job’ and hopefully find out what career choices might suit them. It enables them to learn life skills and further their knowledge regarding work. It also personally develops character, preparing them for their futures away from New Hope. The students are challenged in a variety of ways as they progress through the programme and they are supported by intensive discipleship as they are trained in Biblical business principles and how to live a life full of righteousness and integrity. Each student is expected to run a small business throughout the year, encouraging them to develop the skills to become self-sufficient. After this year students choose a career path and embark on a journey towards that goal, being directed either into further training, education or employment.

Enterprise Farm

The New Hope enterprise farm allows the children to learn the skills of farming and at the same time provides fresh food for the families. This greatly helps with the costs of child-care. The work is carried out within the family groups and in dedicated farms. This process gives the children the opportunity to experience agricultural training, being self-sustainable and a strong biblical work ethic. Currently, we are growing maize, soybeans, cassava, sweet potatoes, fruit trees, coffee, and vegetables. We also have a piggery, dairy cows and several pair of oxen that are used for ploughing. The goal is to use methods that are sustainable and can be used in the community.

Hope Family and Treasures in Jars of Clay

The Institute for Gospel Transformation

The Institute for Gospel-Transformation trains and equips men and women to work either at New Hope itself or in other communities globally. There are two courses Ministry for Preparation and Orphan care and Pastoral and Church Leadership Training. If you would like to know more please click the button below


New Hope Uganda is extending and increasing their work in the community around them. It reaches out through a variety of means to bless and support those that live in the surrounding districts. Child Care Extension provides support for many of the local children who have lost a parent but are being cared for by friends or relatives. These children are able to attend the schools at New Hope Kasana’s site. Many of these children are looked after by aged relatives e.g. grand parents and life is often a struggle for them. These families are visited regularly by Child Extension workers, who work hard to support them by offering practical training, education and care. Staff also engage with local community leaders (government officials, police, etc.) to champion the cause of child protection and care. Extension staff work with local pastors to encourage them to care for these fatherless and vulnerable families. The site at Kasana is blessed with a Medical Clinic and provides excellent basic health care to our children, staff, and families. There are trained nurses on staff and occasionally doctors and other medical professionals visit to work in the clinic. These services are free of charge or, for those who are able to pay, a small fee is charged. Both Kobwin and Musana Camps are yet to have a clinic, this is very much needed, both for the centres themselves and for their local communities. Musana Camp does have a clinic building, but as yet this is not staffed. NHU Radio has been on air since 2009 and is run by volunteers. Based in Kiwoko, Musana FM is making an impact on the surrounding district to Kasana. Its programmes provide information on farming, business, healthcare, family and entertainment all with a Christian base. The local community can also tune in to hear the weekly sermons from Kasana Community Church.

Kasana Community Church

Kasana Community Church meets every Sunday and is a lively, colourful and spirit filled place. The church is made up of people from the local area and those who live on site. There are also independent churches at each of the other New Hope sites and other church plants in local communities

Musana Camps

Musana Camp is set on the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria and is a retreat for the children and staff of New Hope. It is used by many other organisations and churches to, as their mission states; ‘Encounter Truth and Transform Lives’. For more information please click the button below

Centre at Kobwin

Kobwin Children’s Centre began in response to the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. Based in Eastern Uganda the centre initially cared for the ‘Returnees’, the rescued children who had been abducted and forced to be child soldiers or victims of human trafficking. These children and young people are often rejected by their families and are extremely traumatised needing intense rehabilitation to enable them to join normal society. Kobwin Children’s Centre still provides healing and hope for these damaged children as well as currently caring for chidren orphaned by HIV/AIDS, abandonment and poverty. The Centre also has the facilities running at Kasana Children’s Centre apart from the clinic. This would be a great addition to the Centre and surrounding district.