For those babies who are vulnerable and cannot be breastfed (often due to the death of the mother), we provide milk formula for the first six months, as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Milk formula is expensive the world over which means, in our communities, it's mostly an unattainable resource! However by providing this critical food, we have been able to give many babies a great start in life. We always encourage the primary carer in the benefits of good hygiene and advice on how to best care for their baby.

If you would like to support Hope Family with the cost of Milk formula, either by giving regularly or with a one off donation, please follow the link.

Here are our current costs for milk formula for each child. Would you consider committing to sponsoring a baby on milk formula for;

6 months @ £400

1 month @ £ 67

1 week @ £17

1 tin @ £8.50