Hope Family's Mission

To provide care and support for orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable & special needs infants

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The Story for far... Our home here for babies at New Hope Uganda began in 1999 when 7 babies were brought in by an American couple, Matthew and Julie Shorack, following the closure of a baby home elsewhere in Uganda. Since that day over 47 babies have passed through the baby home here at New Hope Uganda which we call Hope Family and countless more infants supported out in the community through our outreach programme.

Our first and foremost goal is to keep families together and our OUTREACH MINISTRY works with vulnerable infants to support them through good nutrition, whether by providing milk formula where breast feeding is not possible, or cows milk and maize porridge. Our social workers visit families regularly to follow progress, encourage caregivers as they build relationship together and bring basic medical advice and help when needed. Hope family is often called to help and support when a new baby is born and the mother is either very sick or sadly passes away. Usually families in this situation have many other children to care for and live in real poverty. Each week a newborn baby can consume approx 2 tins of milk formula, which cost around £8 each for most of our families here in the local community this amounts to half of what they might earn each month! This milk formula is one of our greatest needs at Hope Family and is a life saving intervention! It also plays a huge role in keeping the baby in their biological family, allowing another family member to care for the infant.

Our second goal is to provide support and help for VULNERABLE MOTHERS in cases where they are struggling to care for their baby alone, and without intervention the child might be removed. These women might be those with learning disabilities, mental health struggles or purely destitute having no-one to care for them. We desire to bring these mothers care, help and advice so that they themselves can look after their baby, as we at NHU walk alongside them.

Our third goal is to care for those babies who have either been orphaned or abandoned. Our desire for these infants is to see them placed into LOVING FAMILIES, whether that be reunification with biological family, short-term/long-term foster families or permanent adoptive families.