We are group of dedicated volunteers who, in 2016 set up and now run a Charitable Incorporated Organisation called New Hope Uganda UK. By God’s grace and provision we aim to support, care and provide for the children, families and workers of New Hope Uganda.

Our Story

This is Stu and Sarah Dendy and Kate Tolhurst on the first of the NHU UK's teams. These UK missionaries have been key in developing some of the projects at New Hope Uganda.

Over the years teams from all over the UK have supported the work by sending out specialist workers in education, health, play therapy, construction, administration etc. They have provided training and resources as well as carrying out projects. The work carried out by the various teams has supported the hard working staff by, for example, providing training and teaching resources or providing specialist equipment for special needs (Treasures In Jars of Clay) and instruction in how to implement these; to bringing builders, electricians, plumbers etc to construct or fit out houses, the school, clinic buildings on the New Hope sites. As a direct consequence of this, the children themselves are also blessed.

In 2010 Fundraising began in earnest, which led to the formation of a fundraising group called 'Friends of New Hope Uganda NE' (North East) now known as Friends of New Hope Uganda UK. Events have been organised to both raise awareness of the need, source sponsorship for the children and staff, and raise funds There are other groups and individuals across the country raising money and awareness of the work of New Hope Uganda.

A group from Harvest Church, Alton regularly fundraise by collecting and selling scrap metal! This scrap metal collecting is, as John Sage describes, to; “ help with the costs of the trip and to support those we know and love. One of our main fund raisers to is to collect and strip down scrap metal, broken electrical items, car batteries, drinks cans, tin foil etc and sell it to help raise funds. Over the last 5 years we have raised over £30,000. So please keep donating to support this ongoing work. Thank you.” John Sage Harvest Church, Alton

Fundraising has enabled various projects to be carried out and completed at New Hope, including the provision of water cisterns, completing 'Hope House' the home for babies, help with the ongoing costs for Special Needs accommodation and a programme for regular support for the complex medical needs of the children with special needs.

Susanna Clarke

Susanna is the full time physio for the Special Needs children in Treasures in Jars of Clay at New Hope Uganda. She has been working hard to bring her expertise and ingenuity to bring relief to the often painful and problematic physical conditions the children have. Susanna and the team at New Hope saw 2 children walk for the first time this year as a result of the work Susanna has implemented.